Over the years we have grown an enthusiastic team of talented and dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds, responsible for managing AfD’s projects in Switzerland and Afghanistan

Geneva Staff

Zuhra Dadgar Shafiq

Strategy, Performance and Evaluation Director

  • Zuhra has built her career in social development, gender, public health and management; she has worked over 15 years with different international organizations including UNDP, USAID, MSH, Save the Children Sweden, Afghanaid, GFMER and the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan.

    She also has professional experience in the field of social development in Pakistan and Afghanistan. She specializes in strategy performance, macro-level planning and policy development.

    Zuhra serves as Strategy Performance and Evaluation Director at AfD. Her mandate is to address the strategic expansion of the organization, primarily focusing on initiatives addressing community development, health, education and the empowerment of women. She also served as a member of AfD’s board of trustees for 3 years.

Qudratullah Shafiq

Founder and CEO

  • Qudrat is a specialist in public health, community-based development, procurement, supply chain management and donor coordination.

    He holds a MD and a MBA, having 16 years of professional experience in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, South Africa and Switzerland, where he currently resides. He established AfD as a non-profit organization in Geneva in 2014; he oversees the effective implementation of AfD’s portfolio including monitoring and evaluation of the public health services in Afghanistan as well as the selection,supply and distribution of health products.

    He chairs staff meetings and coordinates donor activities, strategically planning and budgeting initiatives in line with the organization’s mission.

Isis Gaeta Falcone

Finance Manager

  • Isis has more than 12 years of experience working as a Financial and Project Manager in NGOs.

    She holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and Economics from Fundação Getulio Vargas’s Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV EAESP). She has a broad range of solution-driven experience as a Project Management for projects and partnerships entered into with third parties including companies, R&D organizations, public sector and she is very passionate about development of innovative projects and the extraordinary impact we may cause on people lives. She works as Finance Manager with AfD. She manages financial data, including data analysis and reporting.

Lauren Scruggs

Program Development Officer (Health & Nutrition)

  • Lauren holds a master’s degree in Nutrition for Global Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has experience working in research and nutrition programmes.

    Before joining AfD, Lauren worked as a Consultant for FHI 360 and as a Technical Advisor for UNICEF in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lauren has also recently earned a certification in Results-Based Project Management with a focus on Monitoring and Evaluation. She has a keen interest in international development and a passion for nutrition and health.

Alison Farnham

Public Health Nutritionist

  • Alison graduated from St Andrews University, followed by a Master of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition from the University of Sheffield.

    She is currently completing the UNICEF/Cornell University training course in “Programming for Infant and Young Child Feeding”.
    Previous work experience includes Oxfam and the UK Pre-conceptual care charity, Foresight.
    Alison works as Public Health Nutritionist at AfD and has recently joined the Board of Trustees. She is currently working towards setting-up an Integrated Management of Malnutrition Program through the AfD Comprehensive Health Centre in Kabul.

Maria Catenacci

Child Education Specialist

  • Maria has more than 15 years of experience working in the field of Learning & Development and managing training programmes for enhancement of capacities.

    She holds a degree in Law from the L.U.I.S.S. University of Rome, Italy. At AfD she works as Child Education Specialist, managing and promoting the expansion of the School for Street Working Children – Education Project in Kabul.

Daniela Gerzso-Demange

Programme Development Officer (Education)

  • Daniela holds a Master's degree in International Relations and European Studies from the University of Strasbourg in France.

    Daniela has more than 7 years of work experience gained in France and Switzerland. She has worked in intercultural exchanges, international education and project management. She pursued her interest in the humanitarian sector by joining Action for Development as Education Program Officer.

Elena Moroni

Communications Consultant

  • Elena holds a BA in Cross-cultural Communication and a MA in International Human Rights Law; she has extensive experience working in the humanitarian field, especially international protection.

    Before joining AfD, she worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. At AfD, Elena held the position of External Relations Officer for about 2 years, developing communication strategies, fundraising and awareness campaigns, managing social media platforms as well as developing and building partnerships with local and international organizations in favour of AfD’s projects in Afghanistan. After recently relocating abroad, Elena continues contributing to AfD’s communication strategy as consultant.

Nina Firas

Programme Development Officer (Health & Nutrition)

  • Nina is a Public Health Nutritionist specialised in Maternal and Newborn Health, with over 5 years of experience in research and program planning in nutrition.

    She holds a Master degree in Nutrition for Global Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and has worked for UNICEF France in 2018. She also has professional experience in logistics and supply chain management in Gabon. At AfD, Nina works as Program Officer, focusing on building the capacity of midwives in Afghanistan. She is currently working on the development of new proposals and on the preparation of project budgets.

Maude Girard

Communication & Social Media Assistant

  • Maude is a communications consultant and a project manager. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in human and social sciences from the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.

    In her career, she quickly developed a passion for humanitarian and development issues. Her interest in questions related to women’s – children’s rights and health naturally led her to join Action for Development.

    She has 4 years of experience in the press and communications field. Within the AfD, she collaborates in the implementation of the multi-support communication strategy.

Zahra Al-Amine

Programme Development Officer (Health & Nutrition)

  • Zahra holds a master’s degree in Public Health from the American University of Beirut (AUB). She has experience in Nutrition research as well as monitoring and evaluation and program adaptation in low resource settings.

    Before joining AfD, Zahra worked with World Food Program (WFP) in Lebanon as well as with World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, where she supported the emergency health interventions unit in fragile, conflict affected and vulnerable settings. Zahra has worked a lot with vulnerable populations including orphanage children, refugees and detainees in Lebanon as well as in Sri Lanka. She is passionate about children’s health, nutrition, and advocating for their rights. At AfD, Zahra is currently working to develop funding proposals; in addition, she will develop M&E tools and training materials for girls and women in Afghanistan as part of the health and nutrition program.

Kabul Staff

Dr. Kohkan Fazelpoor

Internal medicine specialist/sonologist

  • Dr Kohkan Fazelpoor was born in Kapisa in 1974. He worked for the Kabul Medical University from 2006 to 2012 and was an Internal Medicine Specialist from 2012 to 2016 at the Jamhuriat Teaching Hospital in Kabul.

    He has been working with AfD at the Comprehensive Health Center (CHC) as an Internal Medicine Specialist/Sonologist since 2013.

Zohra Kaihan

Operation Manager

Zohra Kaihan, born in Parwan in 1976, taught English at Said Jamaluddin Afghan Institute from 2003 to 2004 and has been working since 2013 as an Operation Manager with AfD.

Dr. Zabi Rahimi

Training Coordinator and Midwife Trainer

  • Dr. Rahimi Zabihullah is a pediatrician born in Kabul in 1966. After graduating from Kabul University, he has worked for various international organizations, including USAID.

    He has been working as Training Coordinator and Master Trainer for AfD’s project on training of midwives since 2014.

Sania Nezami

Coordinator for the School for Street Children Project

  • Sania, born in 1994, studied at the Afghan Technical Vocational Institute. She works as the School Coordinator for AfD’s Street Children Back to School Project.

    Her role is to coordinate the activities between the Geneva office and the school in Kabul.