The organisation

Healthy families, empowered communities.

Action for Development assists local communities in Afghanistan through grass-roots programs and partnerships in the areas of Health and Education.


Action for Development is running projects in midwifery capacity building and education for street children and children with disabilities, while providing affordable health services through its Comprehensive Health Center, which offers regular training for health workers. AfD originated from a group of experienced health and development professionals in Afghanistan and set foot in Geneva in 2011. It was since granted consultative status with the United Nations Social and Economic Council (ECOSOC) in 2014.


We serve the most marginalized and vulnerable people with a focus on rural communities. The cost-effective and cascade approach through participation, community empowerment and ownership of the programs proof effective towards achieving sustainable development and well-being. AfD puts women’s health and empowerment at the centre of its development programs and commits to reducing maternal and infant mortality.


We believe health and education is a human right. Healthy and educated communities are empowered, and ultimately contribute to the improvement of a country’s economic situation and political stability. Through evidence-based methods we deliver quality work, bringing together different actors towards positive impact on local Afghan communities. Our values unite our members, staff, and communities who we serve and are trusted by.