Children are the future, and education is a fundamental element of empowerment. Through our schools for street children and children with disabilities, as well as provision of professional trainings, we help Afghans take their future into their own hands.

We strive for disadvantaged children to reach their full potential while reducing inequality, poverty and child labour. While we especially aim to enrol more girls into school, our focus on the provision of professional trainings is also on women. This is to address the lack of female health workers in the country, which in turn safeguards women’s health and encourages their empowerment.

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    Rahyab School for Disabled Children
    Afghan children face hardship on many levels, but disabled children are confronted with additional barriers, such as social stigma and isolation from the community. It is believed ...
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    Street Children Back to School
    Nearly four decades of war in Afghanistan has led to socioeconomic strife on a nationwide scale. Extreme poverty and instability have caused an increase in child labor in the count...