COVID-19 is making it harder for vulnerable people to access healthy food

Oct 2020

In a call for action endorsed by Food Fortification Initiative, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition,Helen Keller International, Iodine Global Network,Nutrition International, the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement, UNICEF and the World Food Programme, this brief asserts that tackling vitamin and mineralde ciencies, through forti cation and other interventions, strengthens community health and resilience to disease and should be prioritized as part of global and national responses to COVID-19.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global health crisis, with particularly severe impacts on the lives of the most vulnerable. Not a single country is untouched by the pandemic, with millions of cases and nearly a million deaths across the globe. Lockdown and quarantine strategies to mitigate the spread of the virus and the concurrent economic impact could double hunger (acute food insecurity) worldwide, and drive up multiple forms of malnutrition, including child wasting, stunting, obesity, and the hidden hunger of micronutrient deficiency.

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