Action for Development provides vital health and education services in Afghanistan for the most marginalized and vulnerable people through cost-effective, cascade-model projects which allow for participation, community empowerment and community ownership of the programs.

AfD runs projects in midwifery capacity building, education for street children as well as children with disabilities, while continuing to provide health services through its Comprehensive Health Center and trainings for health professionals. In addition to development projects, AfD also provides emergency aid in response to natural disasters.

AfD aims to address root causes and place individuals at the heart of the reconstruction effort. With many years of experience, our team on the ground has a profound understanding of local and cultural perspectives, which have earned them great trust and respect among the communities they serve.

Where beauty and traditions meet poverty and injustice



Afghanistan is a country rich in natural beauty and millenial history. At the crossroads of the commercial roads connecting ancient empires, it was a hub of economic and cultural exchanges.

Unfortunately, the country has been devastated by decades of war. After the fall of the Taliban in 2001, a group of Afghan professionals founded Action for Development to assist local populations in the reconstruction of civil society and to allow communities to achieve a brighter future.

Since 2001, Afghanistan has made remarkable achievements. Infant mortality has fallen from 25% to 10%, a majority of Afghans now has access to healthcare and women and girls can work and study. However, much work remains to be done in order to insure peace and prosperity to the country.

55% of Afghans live under the national poverty line (35%) or are vulnerable to fall under this line (20%)

83% of maternal mortality could be avoided through healthcare and medical training

83% of women aged 15 or more do not have basic literacy skills

63% of afghans from urban areas live in slums

Our Projects

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    Comprehensive Health Center (CHC)
    The long-lasting conflict in Afghanistan has created mass displacement both outside and inside the country. As a result, Kabul alone has a population of around 4 million and is one...
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    Midwifery Training
    The idea of a midwifery training came in response to the communities’ dire needs. Under the Taliban, female healthcare specialists were banned from their jobs, and males were forbi...
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    Doctor’s Training in Reproductive Health
    Action for Development’s (AfD) has focused on finding solutions to Afghanistan’s healthcare crisis since its very beginning. One of the main issues that the country faces is a lack...
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    Nutrition Project
    Afghanistan has been recognized as a “high priority country” by the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) for tackling malnutrition. According to the 2013 National Nutrition Survey, appro...
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    Rahyab School for Disabled Children
    Afghan children face hardship on many levels, but disabled children are confronted with additional barriers, such as social stigma and isolation from the community. It is believed ...
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    Street Children Back to School
    Nearly four decades of war in Afghanistan has led to socioeconomic strife on a nationwide scale. Extreme poverty and instability have caused an increase in child labor in the count...
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    Advocacy AfD strives for empowerment of communities and improved human rights in Afghanistan. Our vision for Afghanistan is a society based on democracy and law, where eve...
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    Afghanistan is prone to landslides, flooding, earthquakes, and extreme droughts. They have devastating effects on people’s lives when infrastructures and resources are ...


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“Being a midwife means that you need continuous training to keep in touch with all news related to health and treatment guidelines. Therefore, I joined the midwifery training project by AfD. The program was very informative and I learned of many new issues that enhanced and refined my knowledge.I’m really proud of my profession as a midwife, which I love, and I’ll continue advocating my message by providing services to women in need”

“I have been working for the National School for the Deaf since its establishment. This helped me learn more about people with hearing loss. Since I am also a member of the Afghan sign language development group, I could say I spent my life working for people with hearing loss, supporting them in different aspects of their life. This is my vision. I hope to one day see Afghan people with hearing loss gain high quality education and a better life.”